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2023, AR Installation, photography, Video, Sound design

A fictional collective creates ‘Hybirds’ in an attempt to store digital memories of the earth materiality and industrial production. ‘Hybirds’ are digital memories preserved for the post-Anthropocene and used as a material data bank.

creators: Yiouli Tsatsopoulou, Maria Paneta
sound: Xamenos Xronos @Uliversal, Templeyard Studios

‘Hybirds’ are originally found during the years 2000-2023: rock, seashell, flower, electronics board, bent metal, clip, yellow wig part, broccoli, plastic, arnica cream and glass container with lid, coloured glass, plactic cube, white and yellow velcro, onion roots, metal string and ball of dried clay.

‘Hybrids’ are photographed in studio, retouched, digitally archived in a QR based augmented reality app and accessed through a screen. A video compiles the flow of the portraits in a unified cluster. The soundscape is a ten minute improvisation piece, using various hardware equipment.

‘Hybirds’ are an archaeology of the near past accessed through digital media, a place where time and space do not matter: they are digital and accessed through screens. What is next is yet to be found, since humanity will be soon entering the post-Anthropocene.